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Scott Eye Care offers MiSight® 1 Day contact lenses to help slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness) in children ages 8–12 As the only FDA-approved, child-friendly contacts used for myopia control, MiSight disposable lenses assist in directing light to focus on the retina in order to correct distant blurry vision. 

Dr. Ryan Cazares and Dr. Geesala Garvin are dedicated to determining the right treatment for your child’s vision needs. Schedule an appointment to find out if your child is a candidate for MiSight® 1 Day. 

59% reduction in myopia progression seen in patients using MiSight®*

*over a 3-year period.

Signs of Myopia in Children

Myopia is a common eye condition that affects as many as 30% of people around the world. Being able to identify the signs of myopia early on, can lead to more effective treatment and better outcomes for your child’s vision. 

  • Squinting or closing one eye when looking at distant objects
  • Complaints of headaches or eye strain
  • Difficulty seeing objects far away, such as the whiteboard in the classroom
  • Sitting closer to the TV or computer screen than usual
  • Holding books or other objects very close to their face when reading or writing
  • Rubbing their eyes frequently
  • Excessive blinking
  • Difficulty seeing clearly when playing sports or engaging in other outdoor activities

Not all children with myopia will exhibit these symptoms, and some children may not show any signs at all. Therefore, it’s important to have your child’s eyes checked regularly at Scott Eye Care.

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