Orthokeratology is the practice of wearing specialty contact lenses at night that gently reshape the eye and provide the wearer with perfect to near-perfect vision throughout the following day. Not only does this allow wearers of orthokeratology lenses to enjoy improved vision without wearing corrective lenses, it has also been clinically proven to reduce the progression of myopia (nearsightedness), particularly in children.

How It Works

The cornea (the round and clear surface of the eye) being made of a malleable material means that it’s easily manipulated and shaped without risk of damage. In cases where poor vision is a result of a misshapen cornea, Orthokeratology lenses can correct the shape to improve vision throughout the day after they are worn as the cornea retains its manipulated shape and takes in light more effectively. 

Potential Candidates

Though the most exciting prospects of revolutionary new procedures like Orthokeratology revolve around slowing the progression of myopia in children, many people can benefit from these lenses. Any one of the following should consult us to see if Orthokeratology lenses are right for you:

  • Children exhibiting early signs of myopia
  • Adults unable or unwilling to wear corrective lenses
  • Patients who participate in activities incompatible with eyewear (sports, swimming, etc)

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